Self-help junkie, writer, wifey, dog mama, inspirationista, social introvert, pizza lover, wine lover, former financial VP, God lovin’, perfectly imperfect lifestyler to women.

 30 something livin’ in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, Nick, and German Shepherd Rotweiller mix, Riley.

I am orginially from the great ole’ state of Utah and have been blessed to move all over the country. I pursued a career in the Financial Services Industry and was Vice President of a large investment firm out of NYC. This career allowed me to live wherever I wanted working from any city remotely. I planted myself in Austin, Texas where I absolutley fell in love with it there. And this is where I met my best friend and married him, my husband. Shortly after , my husband’s career gave us the opportunity to move to Seattle, Washington so we went on a new adventure together. We stayed there for almost 2 years, and had hopes one day to move to the SouthEast.  That one day came sooner that we expected. During our time in Seattle, my firm was raising too much $ for them to manage and invest, that they suddenly layed off the entire team to slow down and ultimately shut down our department. It was at this moment, that I decided it was time to close this chapter of my life. I knew I left on a ver high note, and feel proud of all I accomplished but was ready to pursue other passions. With the support and encouragement of my husband (then fiance), I became a stay at home fiance (and now wifey) and spent the next year planning our wedding and traveling. For yet another opportunity and new adventure, we moved to the SouthEast to Charlotte, North Carolina this past summer.

 As I’ve transitioned out of the corporate career, it’s been fun to create this blog and pursue my passions. And two of my favorite things are my FASHION & my FAITH.

  • Fashion – I have always had a creative side to me and it was so much fun to plan our wedding from beginning to end and bring my style to life. I love fashion and putting together outfits mainly for our weekly date nights, but really any excuse to put together an outfit of any sort just lights me up. I love to dress up for a nice dinner, a sporting event with all the coordinating colors of course, or throw on a hat and workout clothes…but whatever the occasion, I love to just look cute and for my outfits to have a unique style for no other reason than it makes me feel good. Because when you feel good, you look good.
  • Faith – I have a personal relationship with God, and grow deeper in that through the Scriptures in the Bible. You can read more about my story on how I came to find God in my first blog post title “Our Love Story”. I love sharing what God has done in my life and what He continues to do. And I feel I am called to do this with the everyday woman like myself. I love helping and guiding women as I’ve also felt a tug at my heart that God was calling me from a young age to work with women in some facet. And my heart behind this blog to guide women not only from the outside with fashion inspiration, but from the inside – the workings of her mindset with a dash of biblical based wisdom. Scripture has truly been my guide and my solid foundation as the light that leads my daily path.

As ‘Her Lifestyler Coach” – allow me to help style your life not only with a beautiful outside fashion sense, but style your mind from the inside with the truths of some biblical based wisdom.