Self-help junkie, writer, wifey, dog mama, inspirationista, social introvert, pizza lover, wine lover, former financial VP, God lovin’, mistake makin’ lifestyler + lifecoach to women.

 30 something livin’ in Seattle, WA with her husband, Nick, and German Shepherd Rotweiller mix, Riley. Next stop: 📍 Charlotte, NC (August 2018)

My passion for inspiring gals started as a high school student leading women-inspired Bible Study groups and continued into my adult life, encouraging all kinds of meet-ups and events bringing gals from all backgrounds together. I feel like every gal has a YOUnique version of themselves as God created us in a delicate, purposeful, and very thoughtout way. And I have a passion to dive into the inner workings of her mindset, discover what makes her HER, then help her style her life in the way she desires through Bible based wisdom.

I strongly feel in the power of friends, and whether you have a lot of friends now, or no friends at all, I’m here to be that other best friend for you. Without the friends in my life, in the highest of highs (my recent wedding to the love of my life), and my lowest of lows (losing one of the best guys I knew, my brother), without the love and guidance of those around me, I don’t know where I would be today. I want to be that for you. Encourage you, love you, and be that other best friend cheering you on.

❥ Life Coach Trainee/Student with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.