who am I in this season?

Last month in Part 1 of the “Who am I” series (Who Am I That A King Chose Me?), I discussed how most my life I felt unworthy to be chosen for a calling, let alone chosen by a King. The truth is we are all unworthy, but YET, God chose us anyways to partner with Him in advancing His Kingdom here on earth. Just as He chose the unworthy heroes in the Bible whose stories involve them being used in extraordinary ways; He also chose me and you. Broken, unworthy: all of who we are.

But what if the season we are in looks NOTHING like any sort of kingdom heroic work or looks at all like we are being used by God in any substantial way?

It feels like the everyday mundane life you are living is rather…BORING, providing no value and significance right now.

What’s your calling in THIS season?

We tend to use the word “calling” and correlate it to something BIG. Many of us think we are not living in our calling YET, because we haven’t reached that high mark yet. Such as writing a book or being a well-known influencer with a large platform or picking up and moving to a foreign country to do mission field work, or leaving your successful career to work in full time ministry for your church.

But what if you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your calling right NOW, in the EXACT season you are in, for a specific reason?

  • Are you in a career right now where you are bored and have no passion for?
  • Are you a stay at home wife who left your successful career to tend to your husband?
  • Are you in pursuit of your God-driven dreams, but nothing is taking off right now?
  • Are you in a season of singleness, wai
  • Are you in a season of momhood, of toddlers, or homeschooling children where you have no time to do nor think of anything else for yourself?

Embrace whatever season you’re in

Friends – hear me when I say this: you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in the season you are in. I want to encourage you to EMBRACE the season you are in and TRUST the Author who wrote your story. God knows the beginning from the end, and every single part of your story is for a larger grand purpose. You are exactly where you need to be and this somewhat exhausting, unfulfilling, non-rewarding, insignificant feeling sometimes boring season you may be in, will be used one day for His glory. This season is all a part of the STORY – God’s story. And the role you are playing right now in this season, is a starring role. Don’t try to dismiss the season you are in NOR try to wish it away. God is working in you, preparing you for what’s in the coming season.

THIS Season is preparing you for the NEXT season

Whatever your season you’re currently in, it’s preparing you for the next one. Thankfully, we have the Bible that gives us examples of others that walked in a somewhat dry or desolate, maybe what felt like irrelevant seasons. But ultimately it was to prepare them for what was NEXT.

Let’s take a look at David, Joseph, and our beloved Savior, Jesus, in the Bible.

  • We may all know David with his story as the hero who killed Goliath. Or refer to him as King David who ruled the nation as one of Israel’s greatest kings. But do you know that he never started out as a hero and king? He started out as a shepherd boy where even his very own family neglected to invite him to the party the current King was having. Before he killed a giant by the name of Goliath, he killed a bear. He didn’t try to network his way into the Kingdom to take over the throne when the current King was in town. He spent time with God in the field and sowed seeds serving as a shepherd boy that later carried on with him when he was ready to sit on the throne in the next season. (1 Samuel 16-31)
  • Joseph knew that He was going to rule the nations one day. It was revealed to him in a dream. He knew his 11 brothers would one day bow down to him. But he spent 13 years elsewhere, partly as a slave to Pharaoh in Egypt. He knew his future calling, yet he was in opposition far away from his loved ones and spent a few years in prison under Pharaoh as well. But God was preparing for him for what was to come. What he was doing serving Pharaoh may have seemed insignificant and unfulfilling but it was ultimately preparing Joseph for what was NEXT. (Genesis 37-50)
  • Jesus himself, spent his first 30 years which we know little about in the Bible perfecting his skill. He didn’t go into his future calling aka his ministry until he was 30 years old and then He was crucified on the cross at age 33. That means he was only walking in his what one might perceive has His calling for as short 3 years. But that’s just it, the 30 years prior, even though it may have seemed irrelevant or a waste of time, He was a student and not a teacher. Walking in the season He was supposed to be walking in. (Luke 3:23)

God wants you to be excellent in the position you’re in

God doesn’t want you to be excellent at the position you’re going to be at, He wants you to be excellent at the position you’re at right now. Just as the three examples just mentioned in the Bible, we are to be excellent at where we are NOW. Whatever season you are in, you are an answer to the problem right now. Perhaps you see no end at sight to ever pursue a passion or calling God has on your heart because you are at home taking care of your young kids. But God wants you to embrace that season as you are shepherding your kids to the knowledge of Jesus and serving them in this season. And what you are doing in THIS season, you will take with you to the NEXT season.

That small thing that you are doing now that may seem insignificant, just remember God is watching you handle what He’s given you NOW, to make sure you are ready for the thing that’s NEXT. He loves you enough to not allow you to go face a Goliath when you’re not ready to face what’s in front of you now. For Colossians 3:23 says “and whatever you do, do EVERYTHING whole heartily, as to the Lord…”

Who am I in THIS Season?

I’m a WIFEY and a WRITER.

The season before this, I was only a wifey, and it was after I left what I felt was a successful career. Being “only” a wifey, seemed insignificant at the time. My husband supported me staying at home as we both feel like it was best for our family, but yet I was always chasing for more as I felt I had to contribute more. I felt I had this BIG calling ahead of me. But what God revealed to me, was I needed to perfect my life at home and with Him in the quiet, preparing me for the next season. I was to rest in my new role as a new wifey and rest in God. Not working in a high demanding career and being able to be home and love my husband, gave me the quiet time to seek God like never before.

In this season that lasted 24 for months of being a stay at home wifey, God was pruning me from the inside out. I have journals and writings and things the Holy Spirit placed on my heart in these 24 months that ONLY God could have done in this season of quietness.

I am far from an excellent wife as I’m not sure I’ll ever perfect that role, so I believe the Lord is always perfecting me in that. But now I add WRITER into this new season as God has placed it on my heart to not only write for online publications I freelance for, but to now write my first Bible Study book. My outline is ready, and I’m starting it this fall. (hold me accountable ladies) However, if I would have never embraced the season prior of being at home and being nothing but a wifey, realizing that I was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be, I’m not sure I would be writing this Bible Study I’m about to embark on.

Serve in EVERY season

So, friends — be encouraged. Embrace exactly where you are. Because one thing is for sure: You are a co-worker in the kingdom. A present-day disciple. Whatever season we are in, we are called to serve. To make Jesus known. So, who are you in THIS season? Just a wifey? Just a mom, an aunt, a grandma, a widow? A career title that’s boring to you? A single gal living alone? A mom turn teacher homeschooling your kids for the first time?

Remember — David was just a shepherd boy, Joseph was just a slave, and Jesus wasn’t even known until the last few years of His life before He became our Savior.

Take some time to ask the Lord WHO you are in THIS season, and then be the student learning everything you can in this season. Ask the Lord what He wants to reveal to you in THIS season, and then take one step at a time walking side by side with him knowing that this irrelevant, dry, boring season is for a very specific purpose and it will be used as part of the God’s amazing story one day.

Comment below and tell me what season you are in and what God is showing you.  


Alisha Headley

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