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  1. I know God brought your blog to the forefront of my eyes because I have been praying for my husband’s conversion almost 2 years now. He unfortunately has fallen away from God last year to Jezabel and I’ve been praying persistently everyday since. He moved out June 22, 2020 to get away from the arguing because Yes, there was a lot of hollering and arguing because I knew about this Jezabel who has put that evil veil over his eyes, heart, mind and soul. I continue to pray but like I stated I know God has brought you into my life now and reading your scriptures from the Bible and your beautiful prayers to Our Father have touched me so much that I sent your first prayer as if I was writing this prayer to God for my husband. I truly hope you don’t mind? Alisha, would it be okay to send your entire article with scriptures and all to him so he remembers that I’m still praying for him or just send your beautiful prayers? I know he is stuck with whatever this woman has been telling him. She is truly evil! Please help me with your insight from God? Thank you so much and God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. Oh Stephanie! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry you are walking this difficult path right now. Please send the prayers to anyone you feel they will touch. I just said a prayer for you also! 🙏🏻 Stay strong sister. 💜 Take a look at 2 Corinthians 7:7-10. There are some beautiful promises in that passage when faced with infirmities! Xo

  3. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and bright ideas..please share with us how to be an overcomer with God.

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