2 thoughts on “Who am I as a soldier for Christ?

  1. I am just a stay at home wifey, mother, and grandma,. I was laid off from work in March due to this pandemic, For the last 3 years can’t seem to find a worthy job or an employer that will keep me for more than short term 6 months contracts. I’m bored to tears and gritting my teeth everyday, waiting for my breakthrough. I always seem to be searching for more. Thank you so much for this article for I believe that it was meant for me, and I got my confirmation that this could be my vocation. I am where I am meant to be in this season. Reading about David’s story, first as a shepherd boy, later King, Joseph as a slave, later 2nd in command to Pharaoh. Jesus unknown for 30 years, and became our saviour in his last 3 years, helped to put my messy life in perspective.

  2. I’m in a transitional season and learning to appreciate where I am right now. I’m learning how to stop chasing the destination at the expense of the journey. I often reflect upon David and Joseph’s stories. They resonate with me because they spent so much time building the character, confidence and trust in God that would be required to fulfill his plan for their lives. They were patient during the season that isn’t detailed in the Bible and it couldn’t have been glamorous. But it’s where they grew and were groomed for greatness. It was just as important if not more so than their glorious season. Thank you for these reminders and this post!

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