Social Media, the devil?

Social Media.

Most of us live and breathe and depend our daily lives on social media. For myself, I wake up and check it, go through out my days and check it, as I am doing activities, I am thinking of what picture can I take to post to social media, I end my days with social media.

WHOA, I’m pathetic, but MOST are all guilty of this.

I use to say that facebook is the anti-christ LOL. Think about it…people go on there and fake their life, lie about their life, puff their life up, share their ego, gossip about other people’s lives, try to brag about their life, people are tempted to re-connect with old flames or look at other people’s scandalous photos causing many affairs from it, many fights in relationships on “why did you like her picture”?, why are you friends with that person you once dated? I personally have compared myself to other people’s lives and other women. I have found myself angry when I find annoying people I don’t like hanging with my friends or seeing what they are doing. All kinds of sins wrapped up into this social media site. I was in Utah recently visiting my family and ran into an old high school friend I played basketball with back in the day and she told us after 36 years, her mother left her father because she was having an affair with an old fling and it started from them reconnecting on facebook and they started messaging each other. OUCH. Entire family broken.

Now some good has come from it…many people’s businesses have thrived off it, it gives you a chance to reconnect with old friends and for me who has lived away from my hometown and moved away from friends are have had friends move away, it keeps me up to date on their lives.

But what happened to giving your friends a call? Mailing your friends cards, news articles, or just simple emailing?

My brother who passed away almost 4 years ago recommended I go off social media, and I did twice. It was amazing. It opened up this space that I didn’t know existed. I had random friends reach out asking if I deleted my social media. A lot of my friends depended our friendship on my status’s and pictures too vs. picking up the phone and calling me. I had so much time and space to focus on the PRESENT. To not be distracted by seeing what other people are doing.

So starting tomorrow, I am going off it again for 6 weeks. And I’m going to put that time I spend every single day into prayer for myself, and for my fiance and family. I’m going to try and blog every day. I’m going to start writing my book. And I’m hoping that with the new space and time in my life, that I will find more direction on my next chapter since I lost my job.

My sister, sister in law, and niece are all inspired by me doing this too. They have all said they want to do this but “it’s SO HARD”. It’s sad, but true. Most of us know it’s a distraction, but yet can’t stop. That’s called addiction.

I’m excited for this 6 week breakup.



























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